FTS offers a comprehensive range of fund administration and CFO advisory services supported by senior professionals with extensive experience as members of private equity firms.  Our technology is customizable and scalable and allows clients and their investors access to their investment data using dynamic reporting tools and drilldown functionality through a secure Web portal.

FTS delivers independent checks and balances.  This combined with the transparency offered by our technology platform provides clients and their investors with a means to comply with today’s regulated environment.  We realize that all engagements are unique and work with our clients to create synergies that benefit fund managers and their investors.  Our services are tailored to the individual needs of fund managers and our technology is customized to meet those needs.  Our clients are provided with a team of experienced and responsive professionals that provide timely and accurate results.

FTS supports all closed-end private equity and venture capital funds and each affiliated entity within the fund structure.  Our clients include Buyout and Growth Equity; Venture Capital, Real Estate, Fund of Funds and Secondary Funds.

Outsourced CFO Services

Many firms are not of the size to employ a full-time Chief Financial Officer and will often assign the role to an investment partner.  FTS has staff members who serve as outsourced CFOs in private equity and venture capital firms.  These members have extensive previous experience as CFOs and Controllers of private equity and venture capital firms and allow the firm to focus on those tasks that are most important to it.

  • Policies

    • Develop policies and procedures to provide for efficient accounting administration

  • Systems​

    • Prepare and maintain original accounting records and general ledgers.

    • Maintain various investor data bases for online remote access by clients and auditors

  • Reporting

    • Prepare annual and quarterly financial statements for distribution to investors

    • Coordinate year-end audit with independent auditors

    • Respond to client inquiries and requests for information

  • Compliance​​

    • Tax return review, preparation, planning and compliance services available